Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thank Heavens Nobody Saw!

This was my first week on a new paper route. This time I'm handling one with between 80 & 101 customers, depending on the day of the week. On day 2 I fell flat on my knees after walking through a pile of mulch located in somebodies driveway. Lesson? Watch where you're going, not where you're headed ESPECIALLY IN THE DARK! Now I have a scabbing scrape on my knee, reminiscent of the kind kids get when they fall while skating or running without looking where their going while on a sugar bender.
Add insult to injury, I fell again this morning. This was a grand fall.... and it was daylight! Thank heavens it was early enough in the morning that nobody was out and about. I rolled my ankle off someones sidewalk and did an anything-but-graceful-pirouette to the ground, landing without ceremony on my left side. I'm ok. Only my dignity is damaged. I'm more upset that I have to get the grass stain out of my canvass bag than I am that I fell!

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