Saturday, August 7, 2010

Side Tracked

This morning during delivery I was distracted. I had an epiphany at work yesterday, a divine intervention type of revelation about a story idea I've been mulling over. Suddenly the whole thing appeared in my head. The outline is clear, the plot and characters are beginning to reveal themselves to me and I am ready to begin writing. Trouble is, I'm really busy. I know that I need several hours of time to plant my butt in a chair and write this stuff down. I need to organize the notes I've been taking on paper scraps. I need to do some research. But when? I barely have time to write this blog post and am doing so by sacrificing sleep!

While delivering, all I could think about was that I should be home filling in my bubbles and writing a chapter. I probably missed a few customers; my mind was not on task. Just as I was working myself into a frenzy thinking irrational thoughts about abandoning the route, I noticed the moon and stars. I realized that I'd been so wrapped up in my thoughts that I wasn't enjoying a gloriously clear night.

I remedied the situation and put the story and my time management angst on the back burner so that I could stop and smell the roses. I noticed that the stars are beginning the noticeable seasonal shift. I can just barely see Orion on the horizon and in a few months he'll be high in the sky. I noticed the moon. It was barely a sliver back-lit enough that I could see the outline of the entire orb. When the sun began to rise the sky was a solid pale blue with not a single cloud. The devil's in the details. Notice them and create mental images that will keep the devil satisfied.

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